Seven cover reviews of the best covers of travel trailers sold online and in retail stores


Usually, outdoor activity enthusiasts begin to show interest in a travel trailer when they feel they have passed the “sleeping outdoors or in a tent” phase and are ready to enjoy the luxuries of home and still have the feeling of living and camping outside. The ocean or lake or in the mountains or the desert.
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Buying a travel trailer is an investment that the RV owner expects to last for many years and numerous excursions. Travel trailers can and will last for many years, sometimes decades. The interior will maintain its appearance while protected from exposure to sunlight.
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If a caravan is left uncovered, the sun’s UV rays will hit the caravan and attenuate the interior upholstery, curtains, blinds, carpets and bedding. The exterior will show its age much faster than the interior. In just a few years, a travel trailer that is left unprotected from the weather will exhibit rapid and constant exterior damage when decals fade, crack, spill and eventually wear out.
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Plastic gaskets for windows and doors will turn gray to black in just one year. The welded seams connecting the sides will expand and contract with each snowfall because the freeze / melt cycle occurs when snow melts in the roof cracks, but remains in the crack, and then freezes again in microscopic cracks.
These seams will inevitably expand with the freeze cycle that causes a widening of the connection seams. This constant cycle of freezing, melting and thawing of water will eventually cause problems with the roof, which will result in very expensive repairs.
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The easiest way to avoid the aging process in your travel trailer is to cover it with the best RV coverage for the area in which the travel trailer will be stored and during the time in which you will store your camping trailer. With so many RV covers on the market, how can you find the cover you need?
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For the most part, all the luxury RV storage covers discussed in this article are sold on the Internet (as well as in Walmart, Sears, and Heads) and are basically made of the same material (polypropylene) with few differences.
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Announced as luxury winter snow covers these RV travel trailer covers, (Expedition, ADCO, PolyPro 3, Camco Y Covering) are usually made of triple layer breathable non-woven polypropylene. The roof / top of the roof is made to accommodate the air conditioner on the roof and is generally large enough to extend over the sides to protect the awning.
In the seams of union where the upper part of the roof meets the single layer of the polypropylene sides there are ventilation fins that allow the cover to “breathe”. These vents prevent wind friction and moisture accumulation that could cause mold and fungus to form. The sides have several long zip entry panels that will allow you to access your travel trailer during the storage period.
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The complete cover is generally secured with an integrated fastening strap system with adjustable click closure buckles and tension panel flaps on the front and rear of the travel trailer that reduce the tension of the cover by tightening or loosening the straps Of the cover. This gives the RV cover a semi-custom fit. The main differences between all these winter snow covers are in the price and the duration of the product warranty.
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Winter covers for travel trailers 20-33 feet Cost and warranty
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Expedition by Eevelle cost: $ 205 – $ 321 Warranty: 3 years
ADCO Designer made with Tyvek cost: $ 262 – $ 365 Warranty: 2 years
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Poly Pro 3 by Classic Accessories Cost: $ 273 – $ 341 Warranty: 3 years

Camco Ultraguard Cost: $ 262 – $ 415 Warranty: 2 years

Covering 600 Denier Presidium Cost: $ 375 – $ 575 Warranty: Repair for 1 year
When a travel trailer is stored during the summer at the southeast and southwest end, the deck must be made of an extremely strong and durable woven material. Travel trailers that are under the sun throughout the year must have a cover with maximum UV protection. Winter snow covers (such as Expedition, PolyPro 3, Camco Ultraguard, CoverKing Prison & the Tyvek ADCO cover) disintegrate within a few short months If they are used to protect the RV during the summer. Non-woven fabric cannot withstand intense UV rays in this area of ​​the United States. There are two RV covers made of woven material. The first cover that is manufactured with the newest technology in UV block protection is called Permapro RV cover made by classic accessories. This RV cover is backed by the latest technology in UV protection of additional resistance. the Permapro The cover is made of an extra light force. ripstop Tear-resistant fabric with nylon reinforcements in the material. The fabric resembles that used in parachutes and sportswear. This water repellent fabric repels rain and snow to be a protective RV cover for all seasons. The coverage of this travel trailer varies between $ 375 and $ 505 and is backed by a four-year warranty.

the Gold Line RV cover sold by Eevelle It has long been recognized as the best RV coverage by customers and distributors alike. the Gold Line RV covers are designed to outperform all other RV covers in all critical categories of RV protection, durability, water repellency, etc. Additional but flexible resistance Gold Line Tru-woven The woven fabric can withstand the strongest winds and withstand the sun’s ultraviolet rays, as well as being a semi-custom storage cover that is repelled from rain and snow. The coverage of this travel trailer costs $ 455 to $ 578 and is backed by a five-year warranty. the Gold Line It is also the only RV deck made for small trailers (10-20 feet), as well as for extremely large trailers (up to 46 feet long).

Permapro Y Gold Line They are the only additional heavy duty travel trailer covers that can be used as summer storage covers. Its woven design supports the winds that accompany the winter and predict the change of seasons. Both decks are really covered for all RV stations that will protect the investment you made in your travel trailer, as well as all the next vacations and excursions you will take until the next few years.



Bitcoin Analysis

Bitcoin is looking to beat a six-figure dollar rating soon, GalaxyBTC market analyst.

Trader cryptocurrency said today that closing over $ 10,000 is a crucial breakout moment for Bitcoin. He showed that the level is standing in a stubborn resistance area in the coming days. Based on “Segment 2015”.


Last year, bitcoik dropped below $ 150, took off and finally started a consolidation spectrum that was estimated at $ 200 and $ 320. In October 2015, the cryptocurrency experienced its first break of $ 500-600. Resistance $ 600, at the time, held the price measures away from the period perspective. According to GalaxyBTC, the $ 10,000 level is a new $ 600 counter.

“[Bitcoin] Running Bull has barely begun.” According to the 2015 model, Road [10 digits] was confirmed when we assumed $ 10K, “replied the analyst.

Fractal analysis
The GalaxyBTC analysis shows the behavior of investors in the bikini market. As analysts predict it depends entirely on whether or not cryptocortality in recurrent cyclical patterns.

Analysts mainstream finance often asked the effectiveness of “Fractal speculation markets”, especially since the financial crisis of 2008 has fallen. Nobel laureate economist Robert Schiller, for example, believes that FMH is an economic theory and fraud. He says that property prices are inherently unstable and therefore expect that they operate exactly according to their statistical nature.

The best travel packages to Greece in 2016: the 3 best destinations not to be missed


Greece is undoubtedly a perfect tourist destination in Europe, no matter what age group you belong to or what you expect on your vacation. Surrounded by more than 6000 beautiful islands, the country is home to something unique for all tastes. Whether you want a quiet holiday or enter an experience full of fun, Greece offers a real pleasure for everyone. You just need to make sure you choose the best travel packages to Greece according to your individual preferences.

Of course, not all travel agents offer you the freedom to select your favorite destinations in your package. They usually suggest what they want to sell. Therefore, you should opt for a reliable and personalized travel agent that offers tailored packages according to your needs and budget restrictions. In addition, to opt for the best travel packages to Greece, you should make sure to include the following 2016 trend destination in Greece:

Mykonos: a cosmopolitan island.

Located in the heart of the Cyclades group of islands, Mykonos is one of the most popular and sophisticated islands in Greece. Being a whitewashed paradise, this place is synonymous with fun and entertainment. It opens a fascinating world where simplicity meets glamor. If you are a cultural vulture or a leisure addict, you will really capture a good time in Mykonos.

Some of the places you should visit on this island may include:

  • Hora, exemplifying paradigm of cycladic architecture.

  • The sacred church of Panayia Paraportiani.

  • Little Venice, a dominant neighborhood of the 18th century.

  • The sun bathed the beaches that extended throughout the island.

Paros: an incomparable natural paradise.

Famous for its incomparable natural beauty, Paros is a true paradise for vacation travelers. Its crystal clear beach waters, excellent tourist services and unsurpassed Byzantine trails, along with the vibrant nightlife and stunning landscapes make it a supreme destination for your relaxation. Some of the must-see destinations at this location include:

  • The capital city of Parikia has impressive mansions from the neoclassical period and whitewashed houses.

  • The picturesque town of Naoussa.

  • The stunning views of Lefkes.

  • The traditional village of Marpissa.

Skiathos – A picturesque beauty.

An important part of the Sporades Islands group, Skiathos is another sophisticated island that shows a virgin and picturesque beauty even today despite the growing tourist activities in this place. With more than 60 beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, it offers a lively nightlife for the little ones. The most famous beach among all is Koukounaries, which attracts the majority of visitors almost every year.

Some of the unmissable destinations of this island are:

  • The white-painted houses and the cobbled streets of its capital city.

  • The amazing harbor that surrounds four islets.

The lush green vegetation of the beautiful Bourtzi that also highlights the stand of the Venetian fortress.


Travel planning with your best friend


What could be the best way to free your mind and spirit? Travel! And who could be the best person to accompany you on this new adventure? No one, but your best friend! Traveling with your best friend may be the best idea, especially on a long weekend or on a vacation.

Whether it's just a quick trip out of the country or a trip around the world, you can trust that your best friend will be with you. Whether they have known each other since birth or have known each other for a few months, it doesn't matter. As long as they complement and understand each other, your best friend is the best person to take on your trip.

Why travel with your best friend? These are the reasons why:

Your friend, your soulmate

If you have a bad day or just don't want to go out or do anything, nobody can understand you better than your best friend. He would be the first to feel the mood he is in that day and be assured that he can adapt to his needs and desires. He will know what bothers you and what calms you. Therefore, you will surely enjoy traveling with someone who really knows you well.

Friend Friendly Budget

As the two travel together, they can talk about money-related issues while planning their trip. You can be honest with each other about your budget: when to be thrifty and when to be frugal. If you and your best friend have the same economic or social status, it is likely that you both agree when you opt for cheaper accommodations or affordable meals.

Birds of the same feather

As best friends, you know each other's likes and dislikes. Best friends do not necessarily have the same desires, so you can still be the best friend of someone who has a totally different taste from yours. Friendship between people with different tastes is possible and recommended, since the two can offer each other something unique.

Let your friend experience something different and vice versa, so that both can relate to each other. You are not obligated to like what your best friend likes too, but at least, try to feel what it feels like to be him.

Secret Vote

No trip or adventure is complete without any bloopers. Making fun memories is part of traveling and having memorable memories is worth remembering. Your best friend can tear his head out of laughter when you do something crazy on your trip, but surely, that will be kept secret between you two.

Get old and look back

When you grow old and have a family of your own in the future, you can always look back and not regret anything. Traveling and seeing the outside world is the best gift you can give yourself because happiness and satisfaction are something that money cannot buy. Not now, not in a million years. The best thing is that you had a good time with your best friend.


Honeymoon tip: your travel advisor can be your best friend


A good travel advisor can help you navigate the options for your honeymoon. From romantic island destinations, African safaris or culinary experiences around the world; Your travel expert knows everything. A certified travel advisor is your perfect match. They have years of experience and know the destinations, resorts, places of interest and what can work best for you. Your travel professional can also combine your personality with the right destination and resort, offering you valuable information about flights, room selection, activities, itineraries and much more.

When the plans change, an airline goes on strike, a natural disaster occurs; Your travel professional can help you before leaving home. If you book your honeymoon with an online discount, which does not have the resources to offer complete customer service, you will be alone. With your advisor, you always have an advocate who can help with communications and roadside assistance.

Travel insurance is recommended and it is a good idea to include it. Most of the policies cover travel protection for lost luggage, delayed flights, canceled flights and cancellation for medical reasons. Be sure to include this with your honeymoon package, as it gives you peace of mind for the unexpected.

How about booking directly with the hotel or resort? If you see a honeymoon package advertised for $ 5,000.00 for example, and contact the resort to book; The potential problem for inexperienced travelers is that they don't know if this resort is suitable for them. The resort may ask about your likes and dislikes, but I would never recommend another resort. When you call a resort, they are ready to book your product and offer no other options.

When you call your professional travel advisor, they will be ready to take the time to ask questions, get to know you and the experience you want. Communicating your travel ideas for the honeymoon is useful. The destinations, places you want to see, activities you want to include, are part of the image to create the honeymoon of your dreams!

There are so many fantastic honeymoon destinations. Depending on the duration of your trip and what you want to discover, the world is open. What you earn is a professional that meets your needs and gives you a unique trip in your life by selecting a travel professional for work! Time is your ultimate luxury, spend it wisely.


Expedia discount coupon guide: what you need to know about the best Budget travel site


Whether you're planning the perfect getaway or just want to save money on a business trip, all you need to save money is an Expedia discount coupon. The site offers the best rates on air tickets, hotels and resorts of all kinds, cruises and more. It is the largest among online travel websites and provides easy-to-use navigation and search tools to help users find and plan the perfect trip. If you already have specific travel dates and a destination in mind, enter the information in the search boxes. If not, you can experiment with the search boxes or check the section that covers the affordable vacation package.

There is also a section of the site that focuses on coupons and promotion codes. It's easy to redeem an Expedia discount coupon. You just need to log in to your account and click on the "Enter a promotion / coupon code" feature on the payment page. Verify that you have entered the information accurately and then click "Apply."

There are different types of discount offers, including web coupons and mobile coupons. The Expedia app is worth installing on your mobile device because it keeps you updated with the latest offers, no matter where you are. You don't have to be in front of a PC to save money with Expedia. There is also a newsletter in which you may want to subscribe.

Please note that the prices indicated on the site are intended for an adult and include fees and taxes. Airfare is generally included for economy class / coach trips, unless otherwise specified. If you want to fly in Business class, there is a drop-down menu of "advanced options" that you can select when searching for fares.

Use an Expedia discount coupon for hotel stays

If you find an Expedia discount coupon for hotels and are unfamiliar with the city, just look at the map to see where each hotel is located. Read the reviews of other guests too. Expedia is good for providing details and photos of hotels, inns, apartment rentals, hostels, resorts and accommodations of any kind. Decide whether or not it will be cheaper to book the room and airfare together or individually. Will you need a rental car? You can book that at the same time too.

Since the cruise is so popular, you may find an Expedia discount coupon that can be used to book a cruise in the Caribbean, Alaska or Hawaii, depending on the time of year. You will be surprised how affordable a cruise can be!

It's time to start planning your trip. Get an Expedia discount coupon now while it is available. If you're only planning for the future, or at least considering a vacation at some point, then pay attention to more deals with Expedia.


Expedia package deals information: how you can use this discounted travel site to get amazing deals


There are many popular travel discount sites, but none is like Expedia. It has been around for a couple of decades and still offers some of the best deals. One way many people save money is by taking advantage of Expedia's package deals. It is often cheaper to group travel expenses instead of paying everything separately.

This company maintains an excellent reputation for its reliability, excellent offers and customer service. Sometimes it takes a little time to find the best possible offer. While you can certainly search for your ideal destination and enter dates, you may not necessarily get the best price with that approach. Take the time to visit several pages throughout the site that are dedicated to certain offers. For example, visit the "Package Offers" page to see all current offers in popular destinations such as New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, Daytona Beach, etc. There is a section of "Economic holidays by interest" with several subpages in everything, from trips to the beach to "ecological trips".

You may also be interested in cruise deals. A cruise offers you the opportunity to not only experience the ocean and everything it offers, but also several islands and beaches. Expedia's package deals for cruises include many nice advantages, such as on-board credit and restaurants.

Flexibility benefits of Expedia package deals

If you absolutely have to be in a certain city on a specific day and you don't have room for flexibility, you can still save money. Experiment with the search function to see the rates in hotel rooms, airfare and car rental. Do the calculations: will everything cost more if you book them individually or if you group them all together? Also, is there an Expedia coupon code available that I can use to help lower the price?

It is worth being a member of Expedia Rewards. As a valuable member, you will have special access to even better offers that are not available to regular site users. Get rewards for all your reservations and redeem those points for future trips. Benefits include the Hotel Price Guarantee, the VIP Hotel Access Benefits and more.

When searching for Expedia package deals, read the terms and conditions carefully. Do additional research on airlines, car rental companies and hotels themselves. Even if you book through Expedia, you may be subject to certain requirements. That said, it is still the best place to find and save money on travel deals to destinations around the world.

Start today with your search for Expedia package deals and you can find an incredible offer. Expect first-class customer service and 24/7 assistance when planning your itinerary. You may even be able to get an even bigger deal using an Expedia promo code.


Cleartrip Bags Best Travel Website Award


Cleartrip India’s second largest and fastest growing travel portal has been conferred the Best Travel Website Award in the online travel space by PC World, India’s leading technology magazine. The determining parameters across different segments were use of technology to deliver solutions; presentation of information in an intuitive and concise manner and design to aid the overall experience. The awards recognise the best websites across 20 leading categories such as e-mail, jobs, news, shopping and travel, making it the most comprehensive Indian effort of its kind.

An ecstatic Sandeep Murthy, CEO, Cleartrip said, “We at Cleartrip are elated to receive an honor of this nature conferred on us within barely a year of launch. Cleartrip is built on the promise of making travel simple and technology has been at the core of our business model. Technology is a key business enabler and a point of differentiation for Cleartrip. Cleartrip will continue to evolve as a technology leader in the online travel space by following two distinct approaches to technology deployment – speed by simplicity and speed by flexibility.”

In its very first year, the PC World Web Awards focuses on 20 prominent categories – products and services that are most useful in the here and now and are not based on fancy future roadmaps. The 126 nominees that the tech magazine evaluated represented the best-known names as well as some not-so-famous-yet sites that the panel of experts believed would do justice to their mission.

According to the magazine, the awards aim was to capture the framework and user understanding that the site has embodied in its design and deployment of technology rather than to rate its specific content, something that changes very dynamically and perhaps impossible to judge objectively.


Tips on cheap air fares: When is the best time to start looking for affordable flights?


People have always asked questions like "How can I get a cheap airfare?" and "When is the cheapest time to fly?" The answers to these questions depend on a variety of factors including location, tourism trends, price fluctuations, weather, season, etc. The more flexibility you have, the easier it will be to find a good business. If an emergency situation arises and you have to get on a plane within the next few days, you will have to cross your fingers and hope you can get an affordable last minute offer.

You can also check and see if there are discounts or promotional codes that can be used on travel sites. There may be something available right now to help reduce the cost of travel-related expenses. If you can't be flexible over time, maybe you can be flexible with the airport. Although it may take longer to reach your destination, you may be able to save if you fly to an alternative airport and then take the bus or train for the rest of the way.

Many experts claim that the "Main booking window" for the purchase of air tickets is made between 3 weeks and 4 months before. It is during this period of time that the rates are often the lowest.

As mentioned earlier, the stations also affect the price of the air fare. If you point to a summer vacation, the best time to look for cheap plane tickets is 1.5 months in advance. The earlier you book in summer, the greater the chances of getting a good deal. Fall is usually the "shoulder season" for the most popular destinations, so you should be able to find tickets at reasonable prices during this period, with the exception of Thanksgiving week in the US.

Tips on cheap airfare for vacations

While the holiday season in late December or early January can be expensive to travel, winter for the most part has cheap air fares. The main booking window is 21 days to 100 days in advance. Spring flights can be a bit complicated since it is such a popular month to travel. The temperature is perfect for both beach climates and mountain getaways. In addition, it is spring break for thousands of high school and college students. It is recommended to book exactly 90 days from the date of travel.

There is always the possibility that something unexpected may disrupt your plans, such as personal emergencies, severe weather, etc. Therefore, whenever you buy cheap air fares, make sure you understand the cancellation policy.

Travel websites are the safest and best place to search and compare fares for cheap airfare, regardless of where and when you plan to go on your trip, and regardless of whether you are traveling for business or fun. It is always a good idea to review online promotional code offers and coupons as well.


The best travel destinations for girls


Every girl wants to spend time with her best girls and no man around her. It's a dream come true for many girls! Girls love to go out together as there are many things in which they share the same interest. When you go out with your spouse or partner, you have to commit to many things like your choice of activities and places to visit, etc.

Here we have a collection of the best travel destinations for girls to go out with their friends from all over the world.


If your friends love to visit Asia, then Bali is the ideal destination for you, girls. Bali is an island that has perfect weather throughout the year. It is an ideal holiday destination for those who love the beach, the white sand, the warm sun and the tropical landscape.

Bali is an excellent travel destination for girls and is also a safe destination for women. The crime rate in Bali is low, and the inhabitants of Bali are extremely friendly to tourists. There are no strict religious laws in Bali, which restrict women in any way.

Tourist activities in this destination are not expensive and can be easily paid. There are many spas and the surf treatment is Bali, which you can enjoy with friends. Shopping centers and restaurants are affordable and fun for women to enjoy.


Amsterdam is the main tourist destination for girls in Europe. It has everything a girl wants to vacation. The crime rate in Amsterdam is lower and the destination is generally safe for girls. You and your friends can do absolutely anything in Amsterdam, from touring the canals to wandering around the free florists.

Amsterdam's food is fantastic, and visitors love to taste chocolate delights. Choose the best restaurant in Amsterdam and enjoy a wide range of delicious cuisines. Girls who love beer can visit a local pub and enjoy famous brands like Heineken.


Greece is the best place in the world to experience, the sea and the beach. The Greek islands of Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Kos and Mykonos are the best places for all types of fun that include warm waters and diving. There are many resorts in Greece where you can get any entertainment you want. You can walk the ancient streets like Goddesses and enjoy the beautiful architectures of extraordinary Greece.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the best place to visit with your friends. This is the best destination for girls to travel with their friends since the weather conditions are favorable and the activities are for the whole year.

The warm tropical climate attracts people from all over the world who are engaged in different activities such as fishing, diving, snorkeling, bird watching and many inland attractions.

There are many resorts that offer delicious food and exceptional entertainment. When you visit the Canary Islands, visit LoroParque, which means "Parrots Park", there are many different species of Parrots in this park. You will also find dolphins, seals, bird and chimpanzee shows, which will entertain visitors with their beautiful acts.


How to choose the best travel blog to follow


Travel guides or blogs are necessary especially for single travelers. These blogs not only contain the places you would probably want to visit, but also help you plan your trip efficiently, which is crucial, especially for places where you have no idea what to expect. If you are starting a travel life, choosing the best travel blog depends on several features that will be explained below. These features are simple but effective ways to ensure you choose the right site (s) to follow.

Literary paternity

Before following a site, it is crucial to consult the owner of the blog or site you are thinking of following. Is the site for solo travelers, adventurers or thrill seekers? Is it the owner, a traveler too, or just someone who spends time watching several tour sites and then adding that information to their own blogs? Many websites hire ghost writers to populate your website, especially if they don't have time to work on the pieces and just want your site to be updated on search engines. One of the advantages of having the site owner as a traveler is that one would know that the articles come from their experiences and would be useful to guide them along the way.

Relevance and punctuality

There are tons of travel sites on the Internet and Google search would probably provide thousands and even millions of sites. But which one would help you? Search for a site that has regular and updated content. If you run into a previous article, some of the information may no longer be relevant. You can also contact the blog owner and ask about the topic. Travel blog owners love to talk to their readers and some frequent the same place several times, but they don't mention it on their blog. They can be useful to provide you with relevant information about the places in which you are interested.

Sharing is showing interest

Travel bloggers are passionate about their trips and would be willing to put links to sites that helped them during their visits. Look for a blog that not only discusses the wonders of the place, but also the horrors and what to expect from the places. Some may take a sponsored trip in exchange for a review on the website owner's blog. If all articles contain praise for the site, then warning signs should appear, especially if you find some negative reviews about the same place on the Internet.


The best ways to travel with Paintball Gear


It is terrible to go to a tournament and discover that your electronic hopper broke during the trip. This fiasco has released games for many teams that were not as studious as they should have been when packing. Your paintball team is too valuable to simply throw it in a giant messy canvas bag. Good players pay thousands of dollars in specialized equipment; A dented barrel in a $ 1500 paintball gun is not taken lightly. The traveling paintball athlete should juggle not only packing the right amount of the right supplies, but also packing them in a safe and secure way. The solution is to choose the right size bag for the duration of the trip you are taking and the equipment you will need. In addition to a specific bag for your marker, there are basically three types / sizes of bags available for sale.

The paintball backpack is comparable in size and shape to school bags or a day backpack used by hikers, but specializes in carrying paintball equipment. These bags are the best for carrying your essential supplies to the field and back, but they rarely have enough space to change clothes or even a competition uniform. It is good to have a paintball backpack just to keep your important equipment together (but separate from your soft items) when traveling for longer periods of time. Larger canvas-style bags, referred to as paintball equipment bags, will often store not only your play equipment, but also changes of clothes, uniforms and toiletries. These bags are the best option for night trips that last several days and come in different sizes. Some are more equipped than others to travel by plane, but are better at carrying everything you need when driving for an event. When traveling by plane, the best bags to use are paintball bags. These are similar in size to paintball equipment bags but have hard outer covers or heavier canvas type fabrics. Paintball suit cases offer the best protection for your equipment to be safely handled by an airline.

When you buy a bag to carry your travel supplies, it is better to buy at a paintball store. Actually, you can use any bag to transport your paintball equipment, however, not using specialized equipment has the potential to leave you upset and stuck in your event. The main difference between standard backpacks and travel bags and paintball bags is that bags designed for paintball have specialized features. Paintball backpacks, gear bags and suitcases have velcro straps inside to hold your supplies and keep them safe during transport. The best paintball equipment bags have compartments to help separate clothes and keep dirty or wet supplies away from drying out. Paintball travel bags are also comparable in cost to other similar types of standard bags.

It is also important to realize that certain equipment may have specific requirements that make it safer to travel. Your paintball mask, for example, should be packed carefully. Many paintball masks are made with flexible plastic around the lens that often deforms easily when placed in a bag with everything else. If this happens or your glasses are scratched, you will be distracted all day with an uncomfortable eye protection and the game will not be as fun. The transport of a can of paintball mask is best done with a good soft velvet bag and / or a rigid case for glasses. While this is another piece of luggage to take with you, it is the best way to store and wear paintball glasses without deforming the plastic or scratching the lens.

Transporting your paintball air tank is perhaps the most difficult equipment to plan. If you fly, you can only travel with an empty air tank; You cannot fly with a full compressed air tank, as it will become a bomb and is against the law. However, you can drive with a full tank of air. The best paintball compressed air tanks cost more than $ 200, so even the smallest or smallest scratches can be heartbreaking. The best advice is to always carry your empty air tank inside a sturdy rubber tank cover and then wrap everything in bubble wrap and pack between your clothes changes or the leg of your paintball uniform. The electronic hopper is an important piece of equipment on which the performance of your weapon will depend. There aren't many specific protective cases for paintball chargers for sale, however, some brands come with them. It is better to find the right size plastic container for the safe storage and transport of your charger, especially if you have paid a lot for it. When transporting (and storing), it is better to remove the batteries from the electronic hoppers to avoid the possible disaster of a leak.

Carrying your paintball gun in a separate case is the smartest way to do it. For the most complete protection, a hard case is the best option and will keep your marker as safe. Unless you are using a full-size rifle holster, most paintball guns are quite compact and fit well inside a travel bag or larger travel bag. If you do not have access to a hard case, you can opt for a soft side case, however, this should also be wrapped in your shirt and / or paintball pants for the greatest possible protection. When packing, always separate the barrel from your gun, pack them in the filling and preferably together. Some marker barrels have their own case and are good for the safest trip. If you are flying to a Woodsball event, it is not recommended to carry a realistic military paintball gun through the airport or on the plane. With the great amount of disturbances that exist in the world and the additional security in the airports, an authentic replica assault rifle will surely cause an eyebrow and will probably be confiscated.