Bitcoin Analysis

Bitcoin is looking to beat a six-figure dollar rating soon, GalaxyBTC market analyst.

Trader cryptocurrency said today that closing over $ 10,000 is a crucial breakout moment for Bitcoin. He showed that the level is standing in a stubborn resistance area in the coming days. Based on “Segment 2015”.


Last year, bitcoik dropped below $ 150, took off and finally started a consolidation spectrum that was estimated at $ 200 and $ 320. In October 2015, the cryptocurrency experienced its first break of $ 500-600. Resistance $ 600, at the time, held the price measures away from the period perspective. According to GalaxyBTC, the $ 10,000 level is a new $ 600 counter.

“[Bitcoin] Running Bull has barely begun.” According to the 2015 model, Road [10 digits] was confirmed when we assumed $ 10K, “replied the analyst.

Fractal analysis
The GalaxyBTC analysis shows the behavior of investors in the bikini market. As analysts predict it depends entirely on whether or not cryptocortality in recurrent cyclical patterns.

Analysts mainstream finance often asked the effectiveness of “Fractal speculation markets”, especially since the financial crisis of 2008 has fallen. Nobel laureate economist Robert Schiller, for example, believes that FMH is an economic theory and fraud. He says that property prices are inherently unstable and therefore expect that they operate exactly according to their statistical nature.

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